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Wool Felt Christmas Light Bulbs, Precut Pieces.

Item Description

Wool Felt Christmas Light Bulbs, Precut Pieces.

Die Cut Wool Felt Blend Christmas Light Bulbs - Hand Embroidery/Applique Work

Each finished light bulb measures- 3" Long

FYI-For the photo, I used these wool felt blend colors:
Blue Spruce- Old Gold - Shocking Pink - Strawberry Parfait - Lavender - Blue Bayou
Simple hand sewing is all that is required. 

This die cut pack includes ONLY  die cut wool felt blend pieces as follows:
(24) Die Cut Light Bulb Pieces- in up to six different colors as defined by you
(24) Die Cut Light Bulb Pieces-Tops in Silver Grey Wool Felt Blend

***The grey sockets are NOT already sewn or attached to the base bulb. You will need to sew or glue the sockets on near the top of each bulb****

The grey cording is NOT included with this purchase

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