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Tulips Candle Mat Do It Yourself Wool Applique Kit

Item Description

Tulips Candle Mat KIT 
Wool Felt Blend Pre-Cut Parts-
Do it Yourself-Fast and Easy
This listing is for (1) Candle Mat KIT, not the finished mat shown in the photo
This kit contains ONLY wool felt pre-cut (die cut) parts. 

It does NOT contain
Embroidery Floss
Written Instructions
To complete this, you simply need to
use the photo in this listing to arrange the parts onto one of the vineyard scalloped mats,
pin in place, then use two strand of whatever color embroidery floss you prefer to blanket
and/or running stitch the main pieces in place. For the small pieces Tulip heads and Stems,
I used regular matching sewing thread and overcast stitched these using very tiny stitches
all around the pieces.
when all of the top parts are stitched down, add the second vineyard scallop mat backing
piece and use two or more strands of your choice of floss color and blanket stitch all around
the scallop edges to finish.
Below is a list of the pre-cut pieces of wool felt blend fabric you receive in this kit

(2)- 11-1/2" Scallop edge base mats in Vineyard Wool Felt Blend Fabric
(1)- 3 Inch Center Circle in Antique White
(10)- Antique White applique layer pie pieces
(10)- Pistachio Ice Cream Green Stems
(10)- Rose Petal Color - Tulip flower heads
This makes up fast and is easy. Using the running stitch on the Antique White
gives this extra charm, but also is fast and easy. You can finish this in one

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