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Starlight Mint Christmas Fringe Wreath

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Starlight Mint Christmas Wreath 16" Wool Felt Blend Fabrics, Sequins, Beads, Handmade
Measuring 16" Across, this lightweight, Christmas Door or Wall Wreath is made from a wooden hoop base that has been wrapped with neutral yarn, then wrapped with 10 yards of many shades of Green 3/8" wide Wool Felt Blend Strips that have been sewn together by a sewing machine, then wrapped around the hoop to give it the thick fringe look. 

At the center top is one 8" Red Wool Felt Blend Bow that has Mint Green Embroidery Running Stitches on it about 1/4" from the edges.

Around the wreath are 15 Starlight Mints made from White Wool Felt Blend die cut shapes plus a center fused on cotton printed mint image.

Around the wreath also are scattered 8mm clear iridescent sequins, each topped with a clear glass seed bead that have been sewn on and cemented on the back side of the thread knots with a tiny dot of clear drying GS Hypo Cement to make sure they are staying on.  

This wreath is made from wool felt blend fabrics, so it will not be appropriate for directly exposed outdoor weather use.

To keep this nice for many many years, pack it away in plastic tubs with a snap on lid.

The 3rd photo shows the back side.  The 4th photo is a close up showing the sequins/beads.

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