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Merino Wool Felt Blend (7) Fabric Color Collection 9" x 12" or 12" x 18" Sheet Sizes-BEST PUMPKINS

Item Description

9"x12" Best Pumpkins 7 Colors Merino Wool Felt Blend Fabric Sheets
Merino Wool Felt Blend Sewing and Craft Felt Sheets
Wool Felt Blend Fabrics are all a blend of wool; from 20 -35% wool, with the balance of the fiber being Rayon.
Care is Dry Clean. 

You'll be set to make your best Pumpkins with this Seven Color Collection of Orange Wool Felt Blend Fabric Sheets.

Here are the colors you receive in this pack:

1) Hallow's Eve
2) Mac-n-Cheese
3) Sunburst
4) Pumpkin Spice
5) Butternut Squash
6) Copper
7) Dark Orange

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7 Color Pack Collection

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