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Merino Wool Felt Blend (12) Fabric Collection 9" x 12" or 12" x 18" Sheet Sizes- MARIA

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Maria's Wool Felt Blend Fabric 12 Color Collection

Wool felt blend fabrics are all a blend of wool; from 20 -35% wool, with the balance of the fiber being Rayon. 
Felts sold here are manufactured by National Non-Wovens. 
Care is Dry Clean

Colors in this collection are from photo top row left to right

1)- White
2)- Butternut Squash
3)-English Rose
4)- Grandma's Garnet
5)- Blushing Bride

Bottom Row- Left to Right

6)- Georgia Peach
7)- Leaping Lizards
8)- Lemon Lime Twist
9)- Pumpkin Spice
10)- Storm Clouds
11)- Shady Grove
12)- Kiss Me Darling

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12 Color Pack Collection

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