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Large Decorative Flourish Applique 5" x 4", Set of 6 Pieces

Item Description

Large Decorative Flourish Applique
Die Cut Wool Felt Blend Fabric
Measures- 5" x 4" wide

You receive a set of 6 of these

Choose up to 6 Different Colors


Select up to SIX different Colors from the checklist.

**(use the zoom tool to bring the color swatch cards with names up closer into view)**

Fabric is wool and rayon blend
Care is Dry Clean Only

1) Select this as an iron on or a sew on.
2) Select from many colors

 Iron On Directions:

Peel the protective paper off the back of each piece, position it face down on the item to be ironed to, cover with a thin cotton press cloth, and press down firmly for few seconds to fuse. Repeat if needed. 

Iron on appliques can only be ironed to fabrics or clothing that are cotton, cotton/polyester blends.


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