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Lady Bugs & Flowers Summer Door Wreath Wool Blend Felt 19"

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Lady Bugs & Flowers Wool Blend Felt Leaf Wreath 19" 
******Made To Order*************
Photos 1 and 2 were taken outdoors in the shade
Photo 3 was taken outdoors in the sun
Measuring 19" Across, this lightweight, Summery Door or Wall Wreath is made from a 16" Paper Mache base that has been wrapped with green yarn, then wire wrapped with 4 different wool blend felt leaf colors
1)- Pea Soup 2)- Olive 3)- Reet's Relish 4)- Pistachio Ice Cream
There are 140 individually wired leaves in these colors.
There are 7 Wool Blend Felt Lady Bug in Bright Red and Black as shown, doubled, body slightly stuffed.
There are 40 White Wool Blend Felt small flowers.

This wreath is made from wool felt blend fabrics, so it will not be appropriate for directly exposed outdoor weather use. You can hang it on an outside door that is on a covered porch if you spray it with Scotch Guard Fabric Protector. Over time the colors still may fade. You can of course hang it indoors without needed Scotch Guard. It will be shipped in a fitted box. 
It is lightweight, not bulky and sits fairly flat up against a door. 
Leaves are fixed onto green floral wire and wrapped as shown over the yarn, making them slightly adjustable.

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