Fiesta Felt 100% Acrylic Felt Sheets Color Card by National Nonwoven Manufacturer

Item Description

Acrylic Felt Color Cards National Nonwovens 
Fiesta Felt 42 Acrylic felt swatches on this card

This color card made by the manufacturer of this product, features 42 physical (not a color copier card) of small swatches of the 42 100% Acrylic Felts made. It also contains a 3" x 3" piece attached at one side so you can get your hand under it and on to see and feel it. 
The colors and quality of these Acrylic Felt Sheets are made in the USA. Color uniformity and quality is superior to other Acrylic felt sheets on the market. It is machine wash or dry clean. Easy to cut and handle with a soft hand and drape.

This is a very useful tool to have and keep on hand when planning projects and ordering felts.

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