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Felt Die Cut Leaves Needle Craft Wool Applique 3-3/4" Leaves

Item Description

Precut Leaves Wool Felt Blend (Die Cut)
Each Leaf Measures -3-3/4"Long  by 1-1/2" wide
You Choose One, Two, or Three Colors
You receive a package of 30 Leaves

From photo No. 1-, here are the color names:

Top Row- Left to Right
Grass Skirt, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Magical Forest, Pistachio Ice Cream, Enchanted Forest

Middle Row- Left to Right
Olive, Evergreen, Cypress Garden, Shady Grove, Grassy Meadow, Loden

Bottom Row- Left to Right
Forbidden Forest, Camouflage, Blue Spruce, Moss, Reet's Relish, Pea Soup


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Green Colors

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