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Easter Egg Candle Mat Die Cut Kit No Floss DIY

Item Description

Do It Yourself Die Cut Only Needle Craft Wool Felt Embroidery Kit- NO FLOSS

Die Cut 18 Piece Set Wool Blend Felt DIY includes 2 base mats-makes Easter Egg Candle Mat - No Floss 
You receive this 18 die cut wool felt blend pieces, which includes base mats. You can use these die cuts to arrange on the mats as shown for a candle mat centerpiece, or break the set up for your own different projects. Please read all the way through this listing.
Photo No. 1 shows all of the die cuts in this purchase
Photo No. 2 shows how these pieces would looks arranged as a candle mat

Here is a list of the 18 individual die cuts in this purchase
**(2)- 35% Wool- White 11-1/2" Scallop Edge Die Cut Circle Bases
**(1)- Magical Forest Green- 3 Inch Die Cut Center Circle
**(18)-Colored Easter Eggs as shown in the photo
**(5)- Magical Forest Green Stems

All of the above die cuts is everything you will receive. All die cuts are done with wool blend felt, a blend of Wool and Rayon Fibers, so Care is Dry Clean Only. The die cuts are not colorfast and can be hand sewn, spray, hot, or liquid glued.
This purchase contains ONLY Die Cut Wool Felt Blend Circles as shown in photo no. 1 
There are no needles, floss, or written instructions with this purchase. This purchase is for wool felt blend die cut (pre-cut) circles only. If you want to use these to make sew the circles into a penny rug candle mat, you will need to supply your own sewing notions.
If you have any questions about this product, please ask prior to purchasing. I answer promptly.


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