Candle Mat Penny Rug KIT- Sew it Yourself Precut Circles Burgandy & Blue Snow

Item Description

Candle Mat Penny Rug KIT- Do it Yourself
Burgandy and Blue Snow Centers
Wool Felt Blend Die Cut Circles- Fast and Easy with Pre-cut Circles
Primitive Stitchery Wool Felt Blend Penny Rug Candle Mat
When Finished, Overall Measurement is 9"
Center Circle is 5 " 
Inner Circle is 4"

This listing is for ONE candle mat KIT not the finished product shown in the photo
You will need to know how to do a blanket embroidery stitch to complete this
This kit contains only what is listed below:

(22) 2 Inch Die Cut Wool Felt Blend Circles
(11) 1-1/2" Die Cut Wool Felt Blend Circles
(11) 1" Die Cut Wool Felt Blend Circles
(2)- 5" Die Cut Center Wool Felt Blend Circles of Burgandy Felt Blend
(1) - 4" Die Cut Inner Center of Blue Snow Wool Felt Blend
(8)- Yards of 6 Strand DMC Embroidery Floss in colors used on this mat
(1) - Printed Instruction Sheet
You will need to have scissors, embroidery needles, general sewing/embroidery tools and supplies on hand to complete this.
I complete these using two strands of embroidery floss, so you'll need to separate the floss into two strand sections before beginning. 

If you have any questions about this product, please ask prior to purchasing. I answer promptly.

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