Buttercream 35% Merino Wool Felt Blend Sewing and Needle craft Fabric By the Yard

Item Description

The color you are purchasing is Buttercream

Merino Wool Felt Blend Fabric by National Nonwovens


Fiber Content is 35% Wool, 65% Rayon

Care is Dry Clean

This fabric by the yard is 36" wide

If you are purchasing just 9x12 or 12x18 sheets instead of by the yard cut sizes, you can save 20 cents per sheet in the "Buy the Bundle" shop section.

If you need an exact color match, I offer color card sets made by the manufacturer. These cards contain small felt samples, not a color printer color card. They contain all of the wool felt blend fabrics of 20% or 35% wool rayon content that the manufacturer produces, unless there are brand new color releases, not yet on their color cards.


If you need to return felt, please contact me through the conversation tool first. Then re-pack and re-ship the felt to be returned within 7 days. You will be required to pay for the return felt postage. I will refund the money for your returned felt, once I receive the felt back to you. Please send felt back to me with a tracking number. I will give you a return shipping address once you contact me through the conversation tool. While I make every effort to make sure my photos are as close to the actual felt color as possible, everyone has different monitors. This is why I offer a complete color card set or just a few samples.

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