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Black Eyed Susan Door Wreath 18"to 20" Wool Felt Adjustable Wired Leaves

Item Description

Black Eyed Susan Door Wreath- 18-20"

Modern Felt Leaf Door Wreath Black Eyed Susan Flowers 18-20" (leaves are wired and adjustable)

Hand made, and measuring 18-20" Across, this lightweight, Door or Wall Wreath is made from a wooden hoop base that has been wrapped with neutral Taupe Color Yarn, then wire wrapped with Wool Felt Blend Fabric leaves and Black Eyed Susan Flowers.

There are a total of 159 wool felt blend die cut leaves. Each Leaf is three layers. Two Shady Grove and one smaller Moss hand cut leaf with contrast embroidery floss running stitch. 106 Shady Grove Leaves, 53 Moss Leaves. The leaves are wired, then wrapped to the base.

There are (8) Three Inch Wide Black Eyed Susan Flower Sets, also wired and wrapped to the base. The flowers are three layers of Butternut Squash, Eternal Sunshine, Banana Cream, with Pea Soup Leaves, and Chocolate Brown Centers,

One Eight Inch Wide Old Gold Wool Felt Blend Bow is at the center top of the wreath. 
This can be hung on an outside door if it is under a porch & you spray it with Scotch Guard Fabric Protector.


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