Big Wool Felt Blend Flowers on 12" Long Wired Stems

Item Description

For the Love of Flowers

Big, Beautiful, Wool Felt Blend Flowers, 
Handmade, Hand Stitched, Long Wired Stems.

This listing is for one flower, (write the Flower Color Name into the Text Field)

Red Flower has Reets Relish leaves
Columbia Blue Flower has Pea soup leaves
White Flower has Hint of Mint leaves
Cameo Pin Flower has Loden leaves


Description of product
These large hand stitched flowers have 12" wired stems encased in wool felt that matches the leaves, making this a very versatile long stem beauty. 

The flower itself measures 4 Inches. With the leaves, it measures 6 Inches across.

The leaves are doubled wool felt blend fabrics with complimentary embroidery floss running stitches about 1/4 " from the edges. 

Each flower bloom contains three parts, each having 10 small hand overcast pleats on the back side in matching thread to give the flower shaping. 

Each flower also has a Banana Cream die cut center as shown in the photos.

The flower is assembled using a 12" piece of 22 gauge wire that has been felt encased to match the leaf, so the stem can easily be manipulated to fit into many applications, for example:

***trim the stem down and use on your own wreath or floral arrangement
***wrap the wire into a circle and use as a napkin ring
***add to a simple vase of flowers
***trim the stem down and use as a hair bow trim

To shorten the stem, simply use a wire cutting tool & cut to your desired length.


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