Big Fuchsia Wool Felt Long Stem Flower Do It Yourself KIT

Item Description

Big Fuchsia 3D Wool Felt Blend Flower KIT- Makes One Flower

Big flower with Leaf set measures 6" across. The flower alone measures 4" across. The completed and assembled flower measures 12" on a felt encased wire.

This listing is for ONE needlecraft kit that will make the Fuchsia Wool Felt Blend Flower shown in the photo. The stem in the photo has been coiled as in use as a napkin ring.

Photo no. 2 shows the parts content that is included in your kit. You will need to have basic sewing tools on hand, needle, sharp scissors, needle nose pliers and a glue gun or liquid textile glue that dries clear.

Here is a KIT content list that corresponds to what is shown in photo no. 2
**Three Fuchsia Flower Petals in three sizes
**Two Spring Tickle Leaves
**One Spring Tickle, one inch circle
**One Banana Cream Flower Center
**One- 12" Length of 22 ga. green floral wire, bent in half 
**One Yard of 6 strand Embroidery Floss that matches Spring Tickle
**One Yard of 6 strand Embroidery Floss that is the Leaf Contrast
**One Yard of 6 strand Embroidery Floss that matches Fuchsia Felt
**One 12" Length of 3/8" Spring Tickle Wire Covering
**One written Instruction Sheet

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