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3D Wool Felt Gingerbread House Do It Yourself Sewing KIT with all Precut Pieces

Item Description

Wool Felt Gingerbread House KIT Wool Felt Blend Sequins Beads Floss Hand Sewing, Precut pieces. Fast & Easy
This listing is for (1) Gingerbread House Do it Yourself KIT, NOT the finished one in the photos.
When you finish it, measurments are- 
Rounded Edge Base - 6" Wide by 7" Long
House Itself - 5" Wide by 4-1/2" Long by 6-1/2" High
You receive All the PRECUT PIECES you need to make one. You receive wool felt blend fabric precut pieces and parts, and precut 0.25 thick precut chipboard. 
The kit will also contain the sequins, beads, and DMC Embroidery Floss needed to complete the house.
The kit will also contain a parts list and written instructions, in English Only.
This kit does NOT contain any sewing tools. You will need to have regular sewing needles, beading needle, large and small sharp scissors, Tweezers, small bag of 100% cotton, cotton balls, sewing thimble, ruler, hot glue gun

Work needed to be done is hand sewing: applique, overcast stitching, sewing on individual sequins topped with beads, stitching and stuffing small areas. 

Please ask any questions you have prior to purchasing. I answer promptly.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for order preparation/shipping. You may also receive the kit well before this time frame. When I ship the KIT, you will receive a shipping and tracking notice from etsy. 
If you get stuck anywhere within the process of making your 3D wool felt gingerbread house, please send a conversation to me through etsy and attach a photo so I can see where you are at with it to assist you. I pack all of the parts in individual packages, marked as 
**House Front**
**House Sides**
**House Back**
**Platform Base**
You will work on each section with the appliques and sequins, etc., then sew them together (by hand) into the 3D House shape, set the roof on top, then set the house on it's platform. You can hot glue the roof to the house and the house to the platform, or you can leave them as individual pieces, whichever you prefer. I am leaving mine as three individual pieces. The waving gingerbread stuffies will be hot glued to the front porch- as the LAST THING.

You can also refer to the photos in this listing, which shows the three main house unattached parts: the house, the platform, and the roof. This is not difficult at all, but you will need patience, as there are some small die cut parts and pieces to work with. The chipboard pieces are slightly smaller than the felts that will cover it, so that you are better able to overcast around it. If it gets tight, you can actually put a stitch or two through the felt and chipboard, or gently nudge on the felt with your fingers. The easiest to cover is the platform base. Maybe do this first so you can practice overcasting the edges around a sandwiched piece of chipboard that has felt on both sides

This kit takes time to assemble. Please refer to production and shipping times before purchasing, which is 1-2 weeks to produce + 2-5 days USPS first class shipping time.

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